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Electron Beam Lithography

JEOL 8100 FS E-Beam Lithography


Optical metasurfaces and metasurface platforms, photonic crystals, optoelectronic and optical systems, plasmonic systems, nano-imprint lithography, field-effect transistors, and other features inaccessible to optical lithography.


•  Low and High Current Write modes available (100pA – 100nA)
•  Dual Current Writing For High Throughput Processing of samples combinations of small and large features
•  Integrated optical microscope for facile sample alignment of pieces with partial marks
•  125Mhz Scan Speed (2.5x Faster than before)
•  0.5nm step size
•  Nominal spot size approaching 4nm
•  Field sizes up to 1mm can be written without stage movement
•  Less than 9nm Stitching and Overlay Accuracy
•  Layout BEAMER© is used for file conversion and proximity correction.
Recent Highlights

Topological nanostructures enable nonlinear light generation

3D Metasurface enables quantum optics