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COVID-19 Advisory

ORNL's main campus

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is operating on a normal schedule.

Face coverings on campus

ORNL Site Access Requirements for nonemployees (users, students [interns], faculty, visitors, subcontractors) are updated as appropriate due to changing COVID-19 conditions, subsequent updates to DOE requirements, and ongoing federal court and state actions. Pursuant to the DOE Workplace Safety and Reentry Framework dated August 19, 2022, wearing a face covering indoors is OPTIONAL when the COVID-19 Community Level is LOW or MEDIUM. The current COVID-19 Community Level is MEDIUM.  

The community level-based face covering/mask policy does not apply to individuals who are actively infected with SARS-CoV-2 or individuals who may be required to wear a face covering due to recent infection or a recent exposure. When HIGH, wear a face covering indoors unless alone in an office, private space, or when eating. When riding in a government-operated van, car, truck, or other motor pool passenger vehicle, wear a face covering if there are other occupants and the community level is MEDIUM or HIGH.

In accordance with current DOE requirements, ORNL currently does not require, request, or collect vaccination status information or proof of a negative COVID-19 test (lab report) from nonemployees

COVID-19 News

Website on ORNL COVID-19 research

Visits to ORNL

  • Visitors of any nationality coming to ORNL from locations within the United States are restricted to mission-essential only (as approved by a Level 1 manager). To assess risk to ORNL, all visitor requests must identify what states (other than Tennessee) the visitor has been to or traveled through in the last three weeks.
  • All tours to ORNL are suspended.
  • Visiting researchers who have questions about access to ORNL and its experimental user facilities should contact their respective ORNL research partners for guidance.
  • Subcontractors and/or vendors who have questions about access to the ORNL site should contact their respective ORNL points of contact for guidance.

For ORNL Staff Members

ALDs and other Level 1 managers will determine when S&T and mission support staff members return to campus. Supervisors will notify employees when they are to return. No employees who have been working from home for an extended period should resume working on campus until they are directed to do so by their supervisor.


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