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Cleanroom Atomic Force Microscopy

Asylum MFP-3D Infinity atomic force microscope is used for a variety of nanoscience applications in material science, physics, polymers, chemistry, and biomaterials. It allows non-contact imaging with high (sub-nanometer) resolution of different surfaces in air, and is suitable for characterizing properties such as morphology, roughness, and uniformity of  thin films as well as 2D-materials.

This AFM features a high-performance closed-loop scanner for low noise precise operation at sub-nanometer level along with decoupled XY and Z scanners that allows to keep the scan axes orthogonal and the scan plane flat.


Topological imaging of nanometer scale structures, measurement of surface roughness, electrical conductivity imaging, stiffness, viscoelastic and friction responses.


  • A single scanner scales from atomic resolution to 120 µm scans
  • Overall system height noise of 20pm