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Nuclear Data

The cross section data provided with SCALE include comprehensive continuous energy neutron and coupled neutron-gamma data based on ENDF/B‑VII.0 and ENDF/B-VII.1. These data have been generated with the AMPX codes. The multigroup data are provided in several energy-group structures optimized for different application areas, including criticality safety, lattice physics, and shielding analysis. The comprehensive ORIGEN data libraries are based on ENDF/B-VII.1 and recent JEFF evaluations, and they include nuclear decay data, neutron reaction cross sections, neutron-induced fission product yields, delayed gamma ray emission data and neutron emission data for over 2200 nuclides. The photon yield data libraries are based on the most recent ENSDF nuclear structure evaluations. The libraries used by ORIGEN can be coupled directly with detailed and problem-dependent physics calculations to obtain self-shielded, problem-dependent cross sections based on the most recent evaluations. There are no limitations with regard to compositions or energy spectra. SCALE also contains a comprehensive library of neutron cross section covariance data for neutron interactions, fission product yields, and decay data for use in sensitivity and uncertainty analysis with the TSUNAMI codes as well as Sampler.

The full suite of AMPX codes for generating multigroup and continuous energy neutron, gamma and coupled neutron/gamma libraries and covariance data are also included in the SCALE distribution, allowing users to create their own nuclear data libraries using differing sources of data and energy group structures than those provided with SCALE.