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Graphical User Interfaces

Topic: Nuclear Science and Technology

Fulcrum is a cross platform graphical user interface designed to create, edit, validate and visualize SCALE input, output, and data files. Historically, SCALE has provided several special purpose graphical user interfaces which operate only on specific platforms and are loosely integrated with SCALE's computational and data components. Fulcrum is intended to provide a single user interface that directly integrates with SCALE’s internal resources to provide a consistent experience between Fulcrum and SCALE’s command line interface.

Fulcrum provides input editing and navigation, interactive geometry visualization for KENO V.a, KENO‑VI, and NEWT, job execution, overlay of mesh results within a geometry view, and plotting of data from most SCALE file formats. An error checking parser interactively identifies poorly constructed input with spelling errors or data entry omissions for all SCALE sequences. The Hierarchical Input Validation Engine (HIVE) will identify allowed data ranges and interdependencies in the input and report inconsistencies to the user. Fulcrum will interactively process standard composition data to produce a mixing table, list expanded input aliases for review, provide an internal listing of input as is required for Sampler material and geometry perturbation analysis, and launch the SCALE sample problems. The layout of panels in Fulcrum is highly configurable to accommodate the preferences of many users.

ORIGAMI Automator, a graphical user interface integrated with Fulcrum, facilitates the quantification of isotopics as a function of time for a large set of fuel assemblies such as the complete inventory of a spent fuel pool. This tool was developed to support the NRC in severe accident analyses, but it can be adapted to many other uses.

Additional user interfaces include the KENO3D interactive visualization program for Windows for solid-body rendering of KENO geometry models, as well as the previously mentioned ExSITE and VIBE interfaces for sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. Several SCALE modules provide HTML-formatted output, in addition to the standard text output, to provide convenient navigation using most common Web browsers through the computed results with interactive color-coded output and integrated data visualization tools.