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Xiaoli Liu

Postdoctoral research associate



Dr. Xiaoli Liu is a dedicated postdoctoral research associate affiliated with the Multifunctional Equipment Integration (MEI) Group. She earned Ph.D. and MSc degrees in Civil Engineering from Purdue University. Her Ph.D. dissertation explored the proof-of-concept thermoelectric building envelope (TBE) for power generation and thermal-activated heating and cooling, thereby contributing to sustainable living and energy solutions. Her master’s study focused on the membrane-based air dehumidifier using ionic liquid desiccant. She established ample experience in first-principle modeling and numerical analysis, particularly for novel heat and mass exchangers design. Xiaoli won the Crooks Graduate Scholarship in 2020 and the Lyles Graduate Teaching Fellowship in 2022, excelling in lecturing thermodynamics. She actively engaged with ASHRAE technical committees and played a leadership role in the ASHRAE Purdue Chapter during 2022-2023 and served as the vice chair of Herrick Conferences 2022. Xiaoli consistently embraces challenges and strives to translate innovative conceptual technologies into tangible solutions, thereby driving the advancement of net-zero energy and carbon-neutral building operations. Her expertise lies in fundamental analysis, prototype development, evaluation, and demonstration. She has broad interests in adsorption, advanced desiccants, heat and mass exchangers, thermal energy storage, heat pump systems, thermoelectricity, and more.