William Carter

William G Carter

William Carter is a Technical Professional in the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He received his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2012 where he did research on sensing and control of micro-scale additive manufacturing systems. He joined ORNL in 2014 as a Post-Masters Research Associate and joined as staff in 2017. During his time at ORNL he’s worked on system development and instrumentation for a wide variety of additive manufacturing systems including small to large scale thermoset and thermoplastic systems, powder bed systems, and wire-arc systems. He has five patents for technologies he’s developed at ORNL with more pending and the Ambient Reactive Extrusion technology he developed received an R&D100 award in 2018.

R&D 100 Award, 2018, Ambient Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing

US-11708458-B2, Composition for thiolene-based polymerization and liquid crystalline network-containing objects formed therefrom using additive manufacturing, issued 7/25/2023

US-11535912-B2, Structural direct-write additive manufacturing of molten metals, issued 12/27/2022

US-10982105-B2, Methods for reactive three-dimensional printing by extrusion, issued 4/20/2021

US-10694590-B2, Electromagnetic print nozzle for direct-write additive manufacturing, issued 6/23/2020

US-10542589-B2, Electromagnetic print nozzle for direct-write additive manufacturing with resistive renditions, issued 1/21/2020