Veronica V Karriem

Nuclear Criticality Safety : R&D Associate

Veronica joined the Nuclear Criticality, Radiation Transport and Safety section as a nuclear criticality safety, R&D assistant in July 2022. She earned her BSc degree in South Africa and holds an MS and PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. Her PhD research focused on the development of a coupled code methodology based on the thermal hydraulic sub-channel analysis code, COBRA-TF(CTF) and MCNP. This multi-physics application was used on the fuel management tool  for Penn State Breazeale TRIGA reactor. Veronica held a postdoctoral researcher position at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville(2020-2021), where she worked on advanced Small Modular Reactor Design with codes such as SERPENT, RELAP5 and RAVEN. Technically, she enjoys neutronic as well as reactor safety calculations and look forward to working in this new area; to learn about new nuclear systems and to pursue research and development.