Thomas M Evans

Distinguished R&D Staff

Tom Evans specializes in the development, implementation, and application of computational radiation transport as applied in the areas of Nuclear Engineering, radiation detection, astrophysics, high energy density physics, and medical applications.  His interests include stochastic and deterministic transport methods on massively parallel platforms, nonlinear and time-dependent transport methods, coupled physics including radiation-hydrodynamics and core-reactor physics, acceleration and preconditioning techniques, optimization and performance analysis, and large-scale scientific software design for parallel codes.  He has published over 90 refereed journal and conference articles.  He is the primary developer of the Denovo parallel deterministic (SN, SPN, MOC) and Shift Monte Carlo transport codes at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which are part of the SCALE package.  He is currently a PI and Focus Area Deputy in Radiation Transport for the CASL Energy Innovation Hub at Oak Ridge.  He is the PI for the ExaSMR Application within DOE ASCR's Exascale Applications Project (ECP).

He has served on the technical committee for several Math and Computation Division (MCD) meetings of the American Nuclear Society and was the MCD
Chair (2013--2014), Vice-Chair (2012--2013), Executive Committee member (2010--2012), and Secretary (2000--2001).