Teri A O'Meara

Postdoctoral Fellow

Teri is a postdoctoral fellow with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center stationed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  She is broadly interested in developing interdisciplinary approaches to understand coastal ecosystem responses to human-induced shifts in environmental conditions by combining laboratory, field, and modelling techniques. As a member of the SMARTX team along with researchers from Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, VIMS, ORNL, USGS, Duck Unlimited, and Georgia Southern University, she is working to understand the impacts of multiple stressors (sea level rise, elevated CO2, and warming) on carbon processing in tidal wetlands by adapting aquatic and terrestrial models (E3SM and PFLOTRAN) to mimic coastal ecosystems.  

For more information on specific projects, please visit https://www.teriomeara.com/