Shuo Qian

Shuo Qian

Staff Scientist, Second Target Station Instrument Development

Shuo Qian is a staff scientist to develop new instruments for the Second Target Station (STS) of SNS. Previously he was an neutron scattering scientist at Neutron Sciences Directorate, where he came as a postdoctoral fellow in 2009 and was promoted to be a staff scientist after two and half years. He completed his Ph.D. at Rice University and his undergraduate studies at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Trained as a physicist and later as a biophysicist, he is interested in developing new techniques and methodologies, therefore, he has been engaging collaborators and users to apply neutron scattering, especially small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) to solve problems encompassing biology, environment and energy. He is especially interested in structure and interaction between biomembrane and membrane-related macromolecules. Currently he is exploring using Small-Wide Neutron Scattering/Diffraction/Spectrometer to study such systems.

Shuo is very passionate to educate the research communities on neutron scattering techniques. He has organized and chaired various sessions and workshops in conferences such as Biophysical Society annual meetings, American Crystallographic Association annual meetings. He was Chair for Small Angle Scattering Special Interest Group in 2015. He is proud of to be a co-editor of the recent published first ever ‘textbook-style’ book on small-angle scattering: “Biological Small Angle Scattering: Techniques, Strategies and Tips” (Springer 2017).

Updated Feb. 2022

2021 Recognition of Contribution to the US DOE Energy National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory Project "Molecular Design and Analysis to Inform Therapeutics Related to COVID-19", part of the DOE COVID-19 Pandemic Response in 2020

2017 ORNL Significant Event Award (In-vivo Biomembrane Research Project)

2016 ORNL Significant Event Award (Bio-SANS Wide-Angle Detector Upgrade Project)

2014 ORNL Performance Award