Shaheen A Dewji

Radiological Scientist, Center for Radiation Protection Knowledge, Environmental Sciences Division

Shaheen Dewji is a scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Center for Radiation Protection Knowledge. Her recent work has included assessment of patient release criteria for iodine-131 patients for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as updates to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Federal Guidance Report (FGR) 12 on external exposure to radionuclides in environmental media and FGR 13 on dose coefficients and radiation risk associated with the inhalation and ingestion of radionuclides. Prior, Dr. Dewji spent five productive years with the Safeguards and Security Technology Group as a Nondestructive Assay Systems Engineer, where she employed gamma-ray methods for developing material control and accountancy for front and back ends of the fuel cycle through verification and validation experiments in the Safeguards Laboratory on enrichment, holdup (MUF), and signature analysis.

As a nuclear engineer, Dewji completed her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, having studied at both the Atlanta, GA, USA and Metz, France campuses. Dewji received her B.Sc. in Physics from the University of British Columbia, where she participated in the Science Co-op and Education Abroad programs.

Dewji currently serves as a member of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) - CC2 Meeting the Needs of the Nation for Radiation Protection, as well as serves as United States representative on the ISO/TC 85/SC2 - Population Monitoring Following a Radiological Accident international working group.

Dewji's specializations include:

Radiation Protection and Dosimetry

  • Internal and external dosimetry
  • Monte Carlo (MCNP) computational simulation of anthropomorphic phantoms
  • Radionuclide patient release following nuclear medicine procedures
  • Population monitoring during a nuclear or radiological (IND/RDD) event
  • Monte Carlo computational detector validation (NaI, LaBr3, HPGe) in contaminated environmental media 

Nuclear Material Control and Accountability

  • Monte Carlo detector validation (NaI, LaBr3, HPGe) with special nuclear material
  • Nuclear material control and accountability experimental measurements: Enrichment and hold-up (MUF)
  • Nuclear forensics and non-proliferation policy

Strategic Leadership


Advancing a legacy of health physics: Shaheen Dewji

Center for Radiation Protection Knowledge



Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Environmental Sciences Division – Science Serving Society (2016) “Awarded to person/team who enhance(s) the recognition, appreciation and support for projects, initiatives, and staff in ESD that have demonstrable impacts on policy development, environmental management, or decision-making within public or private organizations and institutions. Such work evidences tangible returns on R&D investment with respect to improving social, economic, and ecological well-being.”
American Nuclear Society (2005-Present) Division Governance    
Radiation Protection, and Shielding Division (RPSD): 2017-2018 Vice Chair, 2013-2017 Treasurer, 2012-2013 Secretary, 2009-2012 Executive Committee Member
Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Division (NNPD): 2017-2018 Chair, 2016-2017 Vice Chair, 2015-2016 Secretary, 2014-2015 Treasurer, 2011-2014 Executive Committee Member,  2009-2011 Special Committee on Nuclear Nonproliferation (Appointed)
Professional Women in ANS (PWANS): 2012-2016 Appointed Member 





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