Scott Nelson

Scott W Nelson

Senior Technical Staff Member

Scott Nelson attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and earned a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering (Business Minor), as well as a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2008 with emphasis in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermal-Hydraulics.  He worked for Westinghouse Electric Company as a Thermal Hydraulics Engineer from 2008-2020.  . From 2008-2016,  he conducted safety analysis and licensing activity for the operating Westinghouse fueled nuclear power fleet as well as updating and maintaining the thermal-hydraulic suite of computer codes.  He also led efforts to integrate thermal hydraulic code sets with advanced computational fluid dynamics software packages, online monitoring systems for nuclear reactors, and new fuel design hardware, software, and safety licensing implementation.  From 2016 -2020 he led efforts to analyze and mechanically test new nuclear fuel designs for PWR and VVER designs for deployment around the world as well as licensing these new fuel types.He joined the Systems Analysis and Optimization group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a Senior Technical Staff Member in 2020.  In this position, he leads the analysis of advanced reactor designs in the safety, security and safeguards area.  Currently, his focus is on developing and implementing the S3 (Safety, Security, and Safeguards) methods across advanced reactor fleets, and diverse energy systems all while leading engagements between international partners in research that connect these three areas.  Scott Nelson maintains his expertise in detailed safety analysis, licensing, and software development and applies these items to the advanced reactor, security, and integrated power systems to develop leading edge research across multiple disciplines for an ever changing power market.