Sara Shoemaker

Sara Shoemaker

Media Relations Manager

I serve as media relations manager for ORNL, the largest, multi-disciplinary science and energy research laboratory funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. ORNL's Media Relations Team manages external-facing communications, media and news content, digital and social media and communications activities and content creation that highlight our scientists, their research projects and the lab as a whole. I serve as a primary media contact for the lab, facilitating prompt response to inquiries and consulting lab staff on effective communications for non-technical audiences.

Previously, I was a science writer and media relations specialist on the Media Relations Team. Before joining ORNL as a staff member, I supported the lab's Energy and Transportation Science Division as a senior communications specialist and managed messaging for ETSD's building technologies and transportation programs to targeted audiences. My produced content included feature articles; newsletter, web and social media content; presentations, reports and supporting documents. I have experience working with government and non-government managers and subject matter experts, with expertise in researching, writing and facilitating reviews of communications content. 

I'm proud and honored to have been recognized by my peers with three Golden Press Card awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, one being the Certificate of Excellence for the best work submitted by a freelance reporter. Formerly, I worked as a regional reporter for Business TN magazine, lead writer with the Volunteer Valley Business Journal and regular contributor to the FarragutPress community newspaper. While living in Atlanta, Georgia, I managed corporate marketing teams for two, high-tech companies and worked with the business-to-business technology group at a public relations agency. 

I bring 25+ years of professional writing, editing, marketing and public relations and freelance/contract experience to science communications. For professional development, I have participated in intensive science writing workshops held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in North Carolina, led by accomplished and Pulitzer prize-winning science journalists, editors and freelancers. I have completed business journalism workshops through the Arizona-based Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism and also attended seminars about communicating technical and financial information to general audiences. Since 2017, I've been a member of the National Association of Science Writers.