Sai Venkatesh Pingali

Neutron Scattering Scientist

Dr. Sai Venkatesh Pingali have been working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a Department of Energy Laboratory since 2012, as an expert on using scattering techniques to probe nano- to mesoscale structure and morphology of biological and chemical systems. Primary focus is to understand structure-function correlation. His responsibilities include two parts- facilitating the use of the biological small-angle neutron scattering instrument (Bio-SANS) for scientific research and driving an independent research program which is currently the study of structure and morphology of materials relevant for biofuels and biomedicine and advanced functionality. Dr. Pingali’s doctoral degree is from the University of Illinois at Chicago in physics and his postdoctoral training under Dr. Thiyagarajan Pappannan, at the Argonne National Laboratory and Dr. Volker S. Urban at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Dr. Pingali has been driving the structural and morphological study of Lignocellulose materials, especially to understand the deconstruction and assembly process at the nanoscale using scattering techniques.


Significant Event Award, 2016 Bio-SANS Detector Expansion Project
Significant Event Award, 2012 Bio-SANS Detector Upgrade Project
Selected Participant, National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering Argonne National Laboratory, 2000
Ranked Top 5 (45), M.Sc. (Physics), INDIA, 1998
Ranked Top 3 (30), B.Sc. (Physics Honors), INDIA, 1995