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Robert K Salko

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Dr. Robert Salko graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2006 with bachelor’s degrees in both mechanical and nuclear engineering, in 2009 with a master’s degree in nuclear engineering, and in 2012 with a PhD in nuclear engineering. His research topics included thermal-hydraulics code development and modeling and simulation, with emphasis on subchannel tools. In 2012, he began supporting the COBRA-TF (CTF) subchannel code, which was adopted by the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) for use as the thermal-hydraulic subchannel component in the core simulator software the consortium was developing. Some of Robert’s significant contributions involved: 1) implementation of software quality assurance measures in the maintenance and development of CTF, 1) performance improvements, including full domain-decomposition based parallelization of the code, 3) implementation of improved models, 4) supporting coupling to neutronics, fuel performance, and Crud chemistry packages, and 5) code verification, validation, and benchmarking activities. Robert has also been involved in numerous modeling and simulation activities with CTF, and also provides support to the CTF User Group.


Co-recipient of an ORNL Signi cant Event Award for contribution to CASL milestone, "Qualify VERA-CS for Multi-Cycle (with Fuel Reloading) PWR Core Simulations Capability", October, 2015

Chosen as the CASL 2014 Technical Contributor of the Year (CASL "Knight" award)

Graduated with honors in Nuclear Engineering, December, 2006

Obtained Engineer in Training certi cate, April, 2006

Received scholarships based on academic achievement from Dominion (fall, 2004), Exelon Nuclear (summer, 2005), and the American Nuclear Society (summer, 2005)


Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors


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