Rob O Knudson IV

Group Leader, DAQ Integration Group, Neutron Instrument Technology Section, Neutron Technologies Division, Neutron Sciences Directorate

Rob Knudson joined ORNL in 2013 as a Digital Hardware Engineer in the Instrument Data Acquisition and Controls group in the Neutron Sciences Directorate.  Rob Knudson has contributed to the hardware and firmware designs of a number of critical beamline data acquisition modules including the FEM9 (fan-in fan-out concentrator module, lead engineer), the OCC (optical communication card – contributing engineer), Fiber Timing Adapter (accelerator timing receiver, lead engineer), and the Modular Carrier (base platform for the modular hardware system, lead engineer). 

In 2018 Rob became the IDAC Tech Team Lead where he led hardware upgrade efforts for instrument improvement projects at the SNS and HFIR.  In 2019 he became the HFIR IDAC Team Lead during which time he coordinated the hardware upgrades for the SANS instrument improvement projects. 

In 2020 Rob became Group Leader of the newly formed DAQ Integration Group in the Neutron Technologies Division, Neutron Instrument Technologies Section in the Neutron Sciences Directorate.  The DAQ Integration group develops, maintains, and supports beamline technologies within NScD in several key areas. DAQ Integration is responsible for networking and computing for beamlines, long term data storage, and the analysis cluster. DAQ Integration develops software for sample environment and motion control for all beamlines in the user program at SNS and HFIR.  At HFIR, DAQ Integration is responsible for the electrical design of beamline motion control, shutter systems, detector, and sample environment interfaces.