Randall F Lind

Randy F Lind

R&D Staff, Additive Manufacturing Team

Randall F Lind is a mechanical engineer specializing in robotics, automation and sensor development.  He earned a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee and a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Since joining the staff of ORNL in 1987, he has led the mechanical development and design of a variety of systems including: a very large scale additive manufacturing robot, an additively manufactured electric drive automobile, a wearable foot force-torque sensor, two holonomic omni-directional vehicles with multi-ton payload capability, a 5 axis hydraulic ship motion simulator platform, neutron imaging systems, hydraulic and electric robot systems, solar trackers, hydraulic pumps and valve systems and numerous sensors.  He is inventor on eight U.S. patents and has authored papers on development of multi-axis load sensors for biomechanical research, miniature hydraulic valves and actuators, neutron imaging systems and large-scale additive manufacturing. He works in the Manufacturing Systems Research group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.