Picture of Molly Foley, a smiling woman with short, light brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin.

Molly K Foley

Geospatial Software Engineer

Molly joined the Remote Sensing and Environmental Informatics Group in 2022 as a Geospatial Software Engineer. She works to develop and maintain web mapping tools for the HydroSource project and also assists the Bioenergy Technologies Office with other development projects.

Prior to joining ORNL, Molly worked as a GIS Developer for a national wildlife conservation organization involved in the management of habitat for bobwhite quail and honed her skills in Python, JavaScript, and C# programming. She graduated from University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology: Research and Management and advanced to North Carolina State University to obtain a Master of Geographic Information Science and Technology. Her capstone project involved the identification of suitable bat habitat for eight different species of bats in the western region of Washington by analyzing proximity to important habitat features and also automating the identification of cliff faces that align with species' preferences using DEM data.

In her free time, you can often find Molly researching reptiles, building vivariums for her geckos, walking her dog, hiking, and reading comics.