Moetasim Ashfaq

Computational Climate Scientist

Moetasim (Moet) Ashfaq is a scientist for the Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate at ORNL. Ashfaq is an atmospheric physicist with a background in physics and atmospheric science. He leads the high-resolution regional climate modeling effort at the ORNL Climate Change Science Institute. His expertise lies in the use of global and regional climate models, as well as hydrological models, for understanding the past, present, and future fluctuations of the climate as a result of natural and anthropogenic changes and their implications for natural and human systems. In particular, his research focuses on developing methods for reliably identifying the dominant mechanisms governing the climate system response on a global, regional, and hydrologic basin scale, quantifying model-based uncertainties associated with such physical processes and developing a framework for multidisciplinary Earth System modeling to study climate change and variability in a comprehensive, rigorous way.