S. Michelle Everett

Michelle M Everett

NOMAD Scientific Associate

I joke that science is my mid-life crisis career. My path to science was circuitous, and I'm good with that. While working on my PhD, I had my first neutron scattering experiment on GP-SANS at HFIR. It was a long day and late night. We had brought equipment from our ORNL lab and as you can imagine, things did not go quite as planned. At 10:00 PM, on a Friday night, rummaging through parts to make a gas setup work, I knew I had found where I wanted to be. I love experimentation. I am a hands on, see it with my eyes learner and a career in science affords me to do that everyday.

This is also why I chose an operations path over a research path out of my PhD. My dear advisor once told me about a successful physicist who had said that research limited his experiences to a small corner, but facilitating science through operations exposed him to many aspects of discovery. Those words resonated with me and here I am doing just that.