Matthew H Langholtz

Matthew H Langholtz


Dr. Matthew Langholtz is a Natural Resource Economist in the Bioenergy Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is PI of the Resource Analysis Project at Oak Ridge National Lab.  His research interests include biomass resource economics, short-rotation woody crops, and bioenergy from forest resources. He has worked on valuation of non-market externalities, and developed biomass supply curves for commercial projects, the South, and the US. Dr. Langholtz received his PhD in Forest Economics from the University of Florida in 2005. His experience includes agroforestry extension in Latin America with the US Peace Corps, resource assessment for the Wood to Energy Outreach Program funded by the DOE and the USDA, and feedstock supply development with BioResource Management Inc.  He brings experience in both economic modeling of bioenergy systems and real-world application of cellulosic biomass crops in the Gulf South. 


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