Lonnie J Love

Clean Manufacturing for Decarbonization and National Security

Lonnie Love, Ph.D., is a Corporate Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Lonnie leads many of the large-scale additive as well as advanced manufacturing for defense programs at ORNL.  His team has demonstrated advanced manufacturing technologies on several high-profile projects including the first 3D printed car, the printed Cobra for the Department of Energy as well as high speed, low cost tooling for NavSea, Boeing and Ford.  Most recently, Lonnie’s team is focused on hybrid and digital manufacturing for nuclear and defense applications.  Recently, he led a 16-lab consortium to address manufacturing supply chain challenges due to COVID-19.  Lonnie is a Fellow of ASME and SME, was ORNL’s 2014 Distinguished Research Scientist, 2009 Inventor of the year, has over 25 patents 150 peer reviewed publications.