A picture of Liam White in a black suit jacket and rustic pink dress shirt.

Liam N White

R&D Assistant Staff - Algorithms and Visualization

Liam White is a R&D Assistant Staff in the Manufacturing Science Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research centers around the development of advanced toolpath planning algorithms, with a dedicated focus on automation and manufacturability. These algorithms gain real-world utility in the ORNL Slicer 2 slicing software, an open-source platform that stands at the forefront of manufacturing technology. Through his research, Liam is committed to exemplifying the practical application of computational science in enhancing advanced manufacturing processes, steering the industry towards a more intelligent and efficient future.

Florida State University Legacy Fellowship Recipient

​​​Florida State University

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Science (Expected 2025)
  • Master of Science in Computational Science (2023)

Nova Southeastern University

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2019)
    • Minor in Physics
    • Graduated Magna cum Laude

Florida State University Fellows Advisory Board

  • Fellows Forum Committee
    • Chair (2022/2023)
    • Member (2020-Present)
  • Fellows Development Committee
    • Member (2020-Present)

Member, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Member, Florida State University Fellows Society

Roschli, Alex, Borish, Michael, Barnes, Abigail, Wade, Charles, Crockett, Breanne, White, Liam, & Adkins, Cameron. ORNL Slicer 2 - Open Source Copyright. [Computer software]. https://github.com/ORNLSlicer/Slicer-2.