Lance Wyant and his wife, Kellie

Lance E Wyant

Radiochemical Technician

I began with the nuclear and radiochemistry team in October 2015 as an experienced technician with 10 years in the radiochemistry field and prior experience in manufacturing and heavy machinery. During my industrial work history, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from East Tennessee State University. Prior to working with UT-Battelle at ORNL, I was one of two lead chemists at Teledyne Brown Engineering, where my work focused on production chemistry, analyzing hard-to-detect alpha isotopic chemistry via resin separations and processed various low-energy beta emitters. When looking for something more challenging that could incorporate both sets of skills from my work history, I heard about the opportunity to work in medical radiochemistry research with an elite group in their field using hot cell manipulators. Because both my father and brother battled cancer, I wanted to be involved in something special that exemplified the medical benefits of nuclear energy. Intrigued by the facility and fascinated by the scope of research projects happening at ORNL, I knew that this position was what I was looking for.