Kory D Linton

Sr. Program Manager, Nuclear Fuels and Materials

Kory is responsible for management of nuclear fuel and material research and development programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His efforts are focused on ensuring the successful execution of nuclear fuel and reactor core component neutron irradiation experiments.

In his current role as Program Manager for the Nuclear Science User Facility (NSUF) at ORNL, Kory serves as the primary partner facility interface with principle investigators from universities, industry, and other national laboratories seeking to leverage the significant suite of capabilities ORNL offers in material irradiations and post-irradiation examinations.  He also leads fuel safety research under the DOE-NE Advanced Fuels Campaign and strategic partnership research programs with Nippon Nuclear Fuel Development and the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) under the Civilian Nuclear Energy Working Group (CNWG), BWXT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and various Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award projects.

Kory joined the Materials Science and Technology Division at ORNL while finishing his Masters in Industrial Engineering and later moved to the Nuclear Fuel Materials Group in Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division in 2019. He is trained in process engineering and statistics with additional training in business management and accounting. His contributions in managing irradiation experiments include:

  • Proposal development, planning, and execution
  • Coordination of capsule design, High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) irradiations, hot cell disassembly and post-irradiation examinations
  • Contractual, financial, and customer relationship management 

Prior to his roles in RNSD and MSTD, Kory graduated from the University of Tennessee with a bachelors in Business Administration. He joined the Business Analysis Division in various roles including corporate cost accounting and policy development, 3rd party corporate finance, and executive level reporting and data analysis.

He has served as a board member, committee chair and pro bono financial adviser to a Knoxville based charitable non-for-profit.