Klaus H Guber

Distinguished R&D Staff Member, Group Leader

Klaus graduated 1988 from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, where received his diploma in physics. He worked on his Ph.D. thesis at Research Center Karlsruhe and received in January 1993 his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Karlsruhe Germany. In 1994 Klaus started working at the Oak Ridge Electron Linear Accelerator (ORELA) in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; first as a post-doc and since 1997 as staff member. At ORELA he performed neutron cross section measurements in the resolve neutron energy range. The emphasis of this research is to better understand the s-process nucleosynthesis and produced new nuclear data wanted by the Nuclear Criticality Safety Program (NCSP) of DOE. For his research at ORELA Klaus was named in 1998 ORNL Author Of The Year and won the Lockheed Martin NOVA award. After ORELA shutdown, Klaus formed a collaboration with the JRC-Geel of the European Union in Belgium to perform neutron cross section experiments at GELINA. In 2020, Klaus became the group leader of the Nuclear Data group in the Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division.