Ken J Dayman

Nuclear Forensics Research Associate

Ken is a research and development associate in nuclear security modeling and forensics at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division and a research affiliate at the University of Texas at Austin. Ken holds a B.Sc. in Pure Mathematics (2010), an M.S.E. in Nuclear & Radiation Engineering (2012), and a Ph.D. in Nuclear & Radiation Engineering (2015) from the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include inverse problem theory, applied Bayesian statistics, machine learning applied to nuclear forensics, and data analysis for passive and active gamma-ray spectrometry. At ORNL, Ken has developed novel analysis methods for post-detonation fallout debris and inverse analysis methods for advanced neutron coincidence counting data, inverse depletion problems, and material provenance assessment. Presently he is developing a rapid analysis method for complex gamma-ray spectra for DTRA’s Basic Research Program. Ken has over 35 publications in nuclear nonproliferation research, received an Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Award under the Material Protection, Control, and Accountancy section, and was a DHS Nuclear Forensics Fellow from 2011 to 2015.