Keith L Kline

Senior Research Staff, Climate Change Science Institute and Center for Bioenergy Sustainability

Keith was raised on a family farm in Michigan and earned a BSc from University of Michigan School of Natural Resources in Ann Arbor, and a Masters from Framingham State University, International Education. For over 22 years Keith lived in Latin America and Africa while working on sustainable development projects that involved renewable energy systems, protected area planning, and community engagement with forest management and biodiversity conservation. Research interests include: causal analysis to improve understanding of drivers of change in land cover and linkages to ecological services and human welfare; identification of effective mechanisms to promote beneficial “land-use change” (improved management of natural resources); integrated, agro- silvo- pastoral- urban- production systems; and practical approaches to support adaptive management and continual improvement. Keith has contributed to voluntary international sustainability standards initiatives and projects addressing global barriers to growth of green economies: food security, indirect effects, leakage, monitoring and evaluation. Current projects involve woody biomass for energy; stakeholder roles in selecting indicators; uncertainties and potential bias inherent in choice of a reference or “counterfactual” scenario; land-cover change modeling; representation of land management and disturbance regimes; and governance to promote more sustainable practices.