Kay Kasemir

Control System Architect

Starting with a PhD in physics, Kay Kasemir soon became interested in the controls aspect of physical experiments. He has more than 25 years of experience with control system software design and implementation. He has been contributing to at least one level of software of pretty much anything visibly in the SNS accelerator control room and beam line hutches. His emphasis has been the development of tools which are not only usable locally but have by now become key control system components of many EPICS-based sites around the world. He has been providing training for the EPICS toolkit at numerous sites, nationally and internationally, and serves on several review and advisory committees.

End-to-end experience in control system software:

  • Design and implementation of tools for user interfaces, archiving, alarming.
  • Specifically involved in SNS LLRF and MPS
  • Desktop and web tools
  • Low-level drivers, PCI, VXI, VME, services
  • Distributed, networked TCP/UDP/IP, websockets, multithreaded programming


  • Key contributor to CS-Studio.
  • Java, JSP/Tomcat, C++, C, Python, Perl, Eclipse RCP
  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML5
  • Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Linux, OS X, Windows, vxWorks