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Callie C Goetz

Dr. Kathleen (Callie) Goetz is R&D staff in the Nuclear and Extreme Environment Measurements group. She received her PhD from the Bredesen Center at the University of Tennessee (UT) in experimental nuclear physics in 2017. Her dissertation examines the nuclear structure of 84,85,86Br using the Modular Total Absorption Spectrometer at the Holifield Radioactive Beam Facility. Although her background is in physics, as a postgraduate, she worked as a research scientist in the Nuclear Engineering Department at UT Knoxville and later as a subcontractor to ORNL. At UT, she worked on projects ranging from the acquisition system for a backpack-based dirty bomb detector to the characterization of new scintillator materials. Her most recent work as a subcontractor involved developing a fast-spectrum self-powered neutron detector for the Versatile Test Reactor project. She has experience in modeling with the Geant4 Monte Carlo suite, as well as scintillation detectors and their acquisition systems and software. In her current position, Callie is supporting Instrumentation and Controls efforts for advanced reactors, with a focus on detectors and detection methods that sit at the intersection between nuclear physics and engineering.