Kai Li

Kai Li

R&D Associate Staff

Kai Li is a R&D associate staff in Multifunctional Equipment Integration Group in Buildings and Transportation Science Division. He received his M.S. degree (2013) in Polymer Chemistry and Physics from Zhengzhou University, and a Ph.D. degree (2016) in Energy and Environment Science from Nagaoka University of Technology. His research focuses material and process development on the carbon capture, moisture management, heat exchangers, biocomposites, and advanced conductor. He has interests in carbon capture and utilization, energy storage, ionic liquids, biopolymers, and water harvesting. 


• R&D 100 Award for UCC: Ultraconductive Copper-Carbon Nanotube Composite, 2021
• R&D 100 Award for Biomacromolecule Engineering by Soft Chain Coupling Technology, 2020


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