Justin B Clarity

Justin Clarity

Justin B Clarity


Justin joined ORNL in October of 2012.  While working at ORNL Justin has worked primarily in the areas of Criticality Safety, Reactor Physics, and Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Characterization.  Principal areas of focus having included:

  • Criticality margin assessment of as-loaded casks
  • Applications of burnup credit for both BWR and PWR fuel
  • NRC licensing support for wet new and spent fuel storage criticality reviews
  • Self-protection dose rate method development and application for U.S. spent fuel inventory
  • SNF data mining applications used for planning
  • Modeling of critical benchmark experiments and sensitivity and uncertainty analysis

Prior to working at ORNL Justin worked at Westinghouse Electric Company almost six years.  While at Westinghouse, Justin worked in the areas of in-core and ex-core fuel management performing criticality safety and reactor physics calculations for core reloads.


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