Johnny Y Tang

Johnny Y Tang

Control Software Engineer


Work Experience

2002.4 - Current
Control Software Engineer - Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

1999.12 - 2002.4
Advance Computer Analyst - Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York

1988.12 - 1999.12
Computer Scientist - Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia


MS in Applied Science from College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
MS in Computer Science from Florida Tech, Melbourne, Florida, USA
BS in Computer Science from Fudan University, Shanghai, China


Author or co-author Publications during years work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
[1] "Reliability and Performance of the SNS Machine Protection System" co-authors with Douglas Curry and Alan Justice
[2] "SNS Ring Extraction Kicker System", co-authors with Kenneth Rust and Michael Plum
[3] "SNS Injection and Extraction Kicker Control System Integration, Real-time Waveform Monitor, Machine Protection and Operation Experience" co-authors with Larry Longcoy and Steve Hartman
[4] "The SNS Resonance Control Cooling System Control Valve Upgrade Performance", co-authors with Derrick Williams and James Schubert
[5] "Recent performance of the SNS H- ion source and low-energy beam transport system", co-authors with Martin P. Stockli, Rob Welton, Bao Xi. Han, etc

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