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John E Landers

Senior R&D Staff

Dr. Landers is a licensed clinical psychologist, having obtained his formal training at Brigham Young University and Idaho State University. Throughout his two decades of professional experience, Dr. Landers has combined the ideals of acting as a scientist and practitioner in his work. The focus of his experience has always been on understanding and predicting human behavior, though the application of his knowledge has been quite varied. He has specialized in predicting high risk behaviors through understanding the psychological factors leading to such behavior as well as providing recommendations regarding how to mitigate future risk. He has held a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy since 2008, providing consultation across the globe to partner countries regarding behavioral science applications for mitigating the risk of insider threat behavior in the nuclear industry. Dr. Landers has been called upon to present internationally on a regular basis with experience training colleagues from all of the populated continents of the world, being recognized as an expert with unique knowledge and experience. He is excited to bring his experience to Oak Ridge National Laboratory and work with other experts with unique interests, combining knowledge to enhance solutions to critical concerns facing our nation.

Beyond his professional experiences, Dr. Landers has had the amazing experience of raising five children, all in various stages of development, all having been teenagers at one point in time. He has been happily married to his sweetheart and the mother of his children for more than a quarter of a century. It cannot be emphasized enough that being a father and husband have been the greatest learning experiences and achievements of his life. Dr. Landers does enjoy his leisure time as well, spending this time reading what his wife calls “mind numbing non-fiction,” playing disc golf, gardening, landscaping, hiking, biking, and traveling to interesting locales. Finally, Dr. Landers has a great zest and energy for the gift of life, bringing this energy to all that he does.