John D Galambos

John D Galambos

Director Proton Power Project

John Galambos is the director of the Proton Power Upgrade project at the Spallation Neutron Source. He has been involved in a variety of roles at SNS since its inception including design, construction, commissioning, power ramp-up and operation. He has led groups in accelerator physics, beam diagnostics, ion sources, high level accelerator software applications and high power target engineering. Before joining the accelerator and neutron scattering community he was involved in fusion, including participation in several large tokamak projects. John has a BS in physics (Emory U.) and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering (U. of Illinois.)

He is the recipient of DOE outstanding student mentor awards, the Fusion Power Associates excellence in fusion engineering award, is a member of the American Nuclear Society, and a fellow of the American Physical Society.


Selected Publications

J. Galambos, "Operations Experience of SNS at 1.4 MW and Plans for Doubling the Beam Power",International Particle Accelerator Conference, 2019, Melbourne Australia, p. 4380-4385.

J. Galambos, “High Power Proton Beam Targets: Technological Evolution, Current Challenges and the Future”, International Particle Accelerator Conference, 2016, Busan, Korea.

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