Cole Ashlock

Cole C Ashlock

Radioisotope Production Technical Professional

Cole Ashlock has been a Radioisotope Production Technical Professional since June of 2022. Working in building 3047 he supports Ac-227, Ra-226, and Th-228 production lines focusing on procedure development, quality assurance, and continuous improvement. Along with the production team at 3047, he works to ensure that products are delivered reliably with safety at the forefront. 

Cole started his career at University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) in Columbia, Missouri. At MURR, he primarily worked on and eventually led the I-131 cGMP production team as well as participated in other teams focused on Lu-177 and Mo-99. 

Cole is a member of the ISED Peer Awards committee. 

Cole received his Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Missouri. Additionally, he earned his Master of Science (MS) degree in Medical Biosciences at Kansas City University.