Jibo Sanyal

Jibo Sanyal

Group Leader - Computational Urban Sciences

Jibo directs the activities of the Computational Urban Sciences group at the laboratory. He brings a unique blend of computer science with applications in geosciences, technical, institutional, and strategic leadership with a track record of technology development, commercialization, and national recognition. His work falls at the intersection of high performance computing leaning towards the exascale, extreme scale data and analytics, simulation and modeling, visualization, scalable machine learning, and sensors and controls building both research and operational systems. 

The specific applications are many: GIS, climate, IAV research, situational awareness, remote sensing, urban-science, multi-scale and multi-resolution simulation and modeling, building energy modeling, transportation, model-predictive control, as well as agent-based models. Leading the group’s multi-petabyte image processing needs and defining the growth strategy for future hardware, software, and scalable computational needs. This includes architecting multi-objective workflows across multiple clusters and strategies to scale to the Titan supercomputer and beyond.

His prior research focused on visualization techniques and creating operational tools for meteorological and hydrological ensemble simulations. He has a strong interest in devising sustainable solutions that bridges disciplines and requires synergy across energy, water, geophysical, and anthropomorphic processes in our environment at local, regional, and global scales.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Mississippi State University. He is a member of ACM, AGU, and IBPSA. He is an IEEE Senior Member. In 2017, he was named one of Knoxville's 40 under 40.