Jana Randolph Phillips

Jana Randolph Phillips

Senior Research Technician


Mrs. Phillips has worked for over 18 years providing technical support for the Environmental Sciences Divison. Mrs. Phillips is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in Soil Sciences and a minor in Wildlife and Fisheries. Her current projects include the Minnesota SPRUCE Project, NGEE Tropics, and Savanah River Site. Her skills include a broad level of field sampling and laboratory insrumentation and chemistires. 


Technical Support Award, ESD, 2008 and 2017

Soil Science Society of America, Winner of Best Presentation for S-7 Division, 2003

Agricultural Sciences Scholarship Recipient, 1998-1999




Minnesota SPRUCE Project

NGEE Tropics

NGEE Artic

Savanah River


Specialized Equipment

TOC-CSH Analyzer



Soil Respirometer Analyzer

Licor 7500 and 8100

Picarro Gas Flux analyzers