Howard Meadows

Howie A Meadows

Nuclear Ops Lead Lab Tech

Howie Meadows received his Associates Degree of Science in Chemistry in May 2015.  He also completed substantial chemistry course work towards a bachelor’s degree. He joined ORNL as a ORAU subcontractor in June 2015, and then transitioned to ORNL in June 2016 as an Associate Technician in Nuclear Operations at the Transuranium Analytical Laboratory (TAL) of the Chemical Sciences Division.  Over the past 7.5 years, he has steadily increased roles and responsibilities within the TAL while supporting nuclear isotope production at the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center.  Howie’s performance directly impacts REDC’s R&D and production projects including Pu-238 Production Project (and Np-237 Reprocessing), Cf-252/Bk-249 Campaigns (and Cm-244 reprocessing), Pm-147 purification, Ni-63 purification, U-233 Rescue Program, and many smaller isotope purifications runs.

Howie is one of our most experienced technicians with 7.5 years’ experience in high level nuclear operations, and 4 years’ experience serving as the TAL’s Lead Tech.  Howie’s highly specialized in-depth knowledge of the complex nuclear systems and protocols utilized in a Category 2 Nuclear Facility separates him and enables him to serve in this leadership capacity.  Howie is consistently relied on to take on the most difficult samples (highest activity and most complex matrixes), and develop the best sample analysis plan, and then ensure its successful completion through his own work as well as directing the work of others.

Howie is an active member of the American Glovebox Society.  He is also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on high radioactivity glovebox operations and serves as an On-the-Job Training officer to REDC staff members on glovebox operations.  He was recently awarded the Department of Energy Secretary’s Honor Award for service and contribution to the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Radioisotope Power Systems Team.


Technical Excellence/Leadership


  • As TAL Lead Tech: Assumes responsibility and ensure operations at TAL run safely and efficiently to achieve mission goals for research and production isotopes.
  • Lead/Drive TAL production output, speed, efficiency, and accuracy of all analysis reported.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) in high level nuclear operations, containment systems, and radiochemistry protocols while adhering strictly to ALARA principles.
  • Expert level understanding of the specialized analyses that we complete in a high-level nuclear operation. Mastery of the TAL’s entire portfolio of analytical methods and work aids.
  • Fully qualified to train and lead all staff in the performance of the TAL’s entire portfolio of analytical methods and work aids.
  • Active in assisting in the scheduling, preparing production plans, and training.


Technical Projects/Functional Groups

  • SME / Lead on all high-risk respirator glovebox bagging operations at the TAL.
  • HMMIS representative for the group.
  • Technical Procurement Officer (TPO) for TAL. Makes all purchases, organizes, and maintains equipment/supplies.
  • Laboratory Space Manager (LSM) for all TAL laboratories.
  • TAL Legacy Waste Lead: inventory, analyze, investigate, coordinate disposal paths.