Hongbin Sun

Hongbin Sun

R&D Associate Staff

Hongbin Sun is currently an R&D associate staff at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He received a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2020 with an outstanding dissertation award. His research interests include ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation, ultrasonic sensor development, structural health monitoring using ultrasound, machine learning for ultrasonic NDE, and their applications for nuclear power systems and civil infrastructures. 


Ph.D. (Civil Engineering), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (US), 2015-2020

M.S. (Structural Engineering), Northwestern Polytechnical University (China), 2011-2014

B.S. (Civil Engineering), Northwestern Polytechnical University (China), 2007-2011


Professional membership

  • ANS, ASNT, and ASCE member

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Nguyen, Thien Duy, Hongbin Sun, Ruhul Ruhul Amin, Pradeep Ramuhalli, Chol-Bum Kweon, and Ilias Belharouak. "Ultrasonic Nondestructive Diagnosis of Cylindrical Batteries Under Various Charging Rates." Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2024).
  • Hongbin Sun, Pradeep Ramuhalli, Ruhul Amin, and Ilias Belharouak. ”Second Harmonic Generation for Estimating State of Charge of Lithium-ion Batteries,” Applied Physics Letter, 124.7 (2024)
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  • Hongbin Sun, Pradeep Ramuhalli, and Richard E. Jacob. ”Machine learning for ultrasonic NDE of welding defects: A systematic review”, Ultrasonics (2022): 106854.
  • Hongbin Sun, Vivek Rathod, Miguel Crespillo, William J. Weber, Steven J. Zinkle, Eva Zarkadoula, and Pradeep Ramuhalli. ”Laser Doppler vibrometry for piezoelectric coefficient (d33) measurements in irradiated aluminum nitride”, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical (2022): 113886.
  • Hongbin Sun, Pradeep Ramuhalli, Nitin Muralidharan, Ruhul Amin, and Ilias Belharouak. ”Ultrasonic nondestructive diagnosis of Lithium-ion battery using multiple frequencies,” Journal of Power Sources 549 (2022): 232091.
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