Graham W Rossano

US ITER Chief Engineer and Liaison to the ITER Organization

Graham Rossano is US ITER's chief engineer and liaison to the ITER Organization. 

Graham has over 35 years of direct experience with power plants. He has operated power plants through a variety of conditions while serving in the US Navy and has designed technical solutions matched to customer needs ranging from small boilers to large merchant power plants.

His scope of responsibilities has ranged from individual components to the entire plant, and he has been directly involved in the execution of projects. Graham has worked closely with construction personnel on projects ranging from complete 1,000 MW power plants to minor modifications for existing facilities. He has been directly responsible for the startup and commissioning of projects. He has been responsible for staffs ranging in size up to 500 personnel.

In addition to serving in the US Navy, Graham has worked for Stone & Webster and its successor companies and most recently for TerraPower as the JV engineering manager supporting the development of a Generation IV, liquid sodium cooled fast reactor in China.

Graham received his BS in mechanical engineering from the US Naval Academy and his MS in mechanical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School. He is a registered professional engineer in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maryland, Nebraska, and South Carolina.

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