Gina K Accawi

Group Leader, Research Application Development

Gina Accawi has thirty years of experience in the field of software engineering and software architecture. During her tenure at ORNL, her focus has been architecting, developing, and managing teams of developers to deliver software solutions in support of the scientists and engineers at the laboratory. The focus of most of her work is constructing applications to perform energy consumption analysis and make straightforward suggestions or allow side-by-side comparisons to reduce usage. 

The Digital Manufacturing and Analyses Frameworks Group, part of the Secure and Digital Manufacturing Section, is focused on the integration of capabilities in communication,computing, storage and user interface for advanced manufacturing process analysis, modeling,and control to ensure an energy efficient and secure manufacturing ecosystem. The goal is to foster a vibrant team of talented, professional software specialists delivering robust user interfaces, databases, applications and Internet-of-Things solutions, leveraging expertise in machine learning and algorithms, data, deployment, security, visualization, architecture,and quality assurance.

Some important software applications 

MEASUR is an open source desktop software solution combining the energy efficiency calculations of numerous legacy applications facilitating the energy savings in the industrial sector. The new tool combines the energy savings for pumps, fans, process heating, motors and more into a single one-stop shop for rolling up savings that can be found across equipment in a manufacturing facility.

FuelEconomy.gov provides valuable information to consumers wishing to learn more about vehicles. The site is the host of data from the EPA on all makes and models sold within the US. 

Building Science Advisor is a web application providing expert advice on building envelope performance. 

ESCO Selector is a custom web application built to facilitate the creation of Notice Of Opportunity documents which comply with regulations for the selection of Energy Service Companies to conduct retrofits for large-scale energy reduction projects within the Federal Energy Management Program.

Energy Savings and Moisture Transfer Calculator is a web application which calculates the moisture transfer through wall assemblies due to air leakage. 

National Household Travel Survey web site hosts the Federal Highway Administration’s travel survey data allowing for data analysis on daily non-commercial travel by all modes. The site provides a simple form which allows on-the-fly searches to retrieve custom data sets for researchers, students, and policy makers.

The Weatherization Assistant is a web based tool expanding on the success of the desktop application used to manage the Weatherization program in states across the country.