Fernando A. Reboredo

Fernando A Reboredo

Senior Research Staff

Research  Interest:

  • Materials' defects  
    • Bulk and surface defects properties.
  • Nanostructures heterostructures and interfaces 
    • Optical and structural properties of nanostructures
    • Surface chemistry
    • General properties of semiconductor and metallic quantum dots, wires and wells
  • Development of the theory of the electronic structure, in particular, in low dimensions
    • Quantum Monte Carlo
    • Density Functional Theory
    • Empirical methods
    • Hydrodynamical Models

Experience in:

  • Classical and Quantum Monte Carlo methods
  • Lead developer of Self-healing diffusion Monte Carlo and Auxiliary Boson diffusion Monte Carlo methods. 
  • DFT first-principles calculation of nanostructures, defects and surfaces in semiconductors and oxides
  • Empirical pseudopotential calculations of nanostructures.
  • Configuration interaction calculations.
  • k.p calculations of semiconductor nanostructures.
  • Development of Density Functional Theory for low dimension electron and hole gases.
  • RPA and TDDFT calculations on the optical properties of electron gases.
  • Hydrodynamical calculations low-dimensional electron gases.

Theoretical and Numerical tools used:

  • Lead developer of Self-healing diffusion Monte Carlo and Auxiliary Boson diffusion Monte Carlo methods. 
  • I have broad experience with ab-initio DFT codes. My research has also involved both extensive code development parallel Fortran 90 , C and “Mathematica” symbolic programming. 
  • The research involving DFT DMC and the electron gas has a strong analytical component. 

Teaching Experience:

Teaching assistant:

  • Department of Physics, Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (1991 - 1995) "
    • Quantum Mechanics" (1991-1992). (Messiah, Cohen-Tannoudji)
    • "Statistical Mechanics" (1993). (Pathria,Goodstein)
    • "Solid State Physics I" (1994-1995). (Ashcroft-Mermin, QTS Kittel)
  • JTP (Foreman of Practical activities) (1995-7) and (2000-1)
    Department of Physics, Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo "Statistical Mechanics" (Pathria,Goodstein)
    • “Introduction to Solid State” (Mermin Kittel)
    • "Solid State Physics I" (Ashcroft)
    • “Solid State Physics II” magnetism superconductivity (QTS Kittel)
  • Teaching assistant in workshops and schools
    • "Semiconductors" Escuela IB/CONICET(1992)
    • "Superconductivity" Escuela IB/CAB (1994)

Supervisor Experience:

  • PostDocs:
    • Murilo Tiago
    • Michal Bajdich
    • Katherina Foyetsova
    • Juan Santana- Palacio
    • Jaron T. Krogel
    • Chandrima Mitra
    • Dongwa Lee
    • Vinit Sharma
    • Kayahan Saritas
    • Allyson Dzback
    • Tomohiro Ichiba
    • Nicole Spanedda
  • Students:
    • I co-supervised the dissertation work of Santiago Rigamonti.
    • I co-supervising the Ph. D. work of Alfredo Correa and Santiago Rigamonti.
    • Supervisor summer work of Jack Deslippe
  • R&D Staff Condensed Matter Theory, Materials Sciences and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee USA (January 2006-present Staff Condensed Matter Physics Division PAT, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore California USA (October 2001-January 2006).
  • Staff Solid State Physics Group (researcher from CONICET) Centro Atómico Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina (July 2000 - October 2001).
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Solid State Theory Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado USA (October 1998-June 2000). (Alex Zunger).
  • Research Associate in Physics Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee USA (April 1997-September 1998). (Sokrates T. Pantelides).
  • Member of the Solid State Physics Group (CONICET fellowship) Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina (1992 -1997). (César R. Proetto).
  • Referee Phys. Rev. B. and Phys. Rev. Lett. (January 1997-present).
  • Nano Letters (June 2004-Present) Applied Physics Letters and Nature (September 2005-present).

Instituto Balseiro, Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (1988-1991);Iniciación, CONICET (1992-1994); Perfeccionamiento, CONICET (1994-1996); Postdoctoral, CONICET (1996-1997).

Instituto Balseiro, Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (August 1988 - December 1991). This is the only institution that gives full fellowships for undergraduate studies in Argentina. 25-30 fellowships are given every year after a national examination and interview.

Iniciación, CONICET* (April 1992 - April 1994)

Perfeccionamiento, CONICET* April 1994 - April 1996)

Postdoctoral, CONICET* April 1996 - March 1997)

*CONICET is the main government institution that supports science in Argentina. Approximately a total of 160 fellowships are given every year for graduate studies in all sciences after a national competition which considers a research proposal.

Grants: (only the ones I acted as PI are listed) * Reentry grant Fundacion Antorchas 2000 Argentina
LLNL Lab Wide LDRD “Quantum Monte Carlo Assessment of the Relevance of Electronic Correlation in Defects and EOS in Metals” (2006) grant 166.590 $
BES ERKCS77 (PI for ORNL) “Ab-Initio Design of Nanomaterials with Pressure: The Search for Novel Materials” ~85K year (2006,2007,2008).
BES ERKCS08 PI subtask 2 "Optical and Transport properties of nanostructures: the steps beyond Density Functionals'' ~315K (Merged into theory group FWP). CNMS User proposal PI (2007-2009) “A novel approach for theoretical prediction of structural and optical properties of polymers, cages, and nanotubes: correlated sampling Quantum Monte Carlo” (User proposal for Paul Kent time). LDRD ORNL grant PI (2009-2010) “New Density Functionals for Ab-initio Calculations from Many Body Theory” 726K.

Principal  Investigator ERKCS92 DOE, BES, MSED Since 2010 $1635K a year.  

  • Ph.D. Physics, Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Bariloche, Argentina (1995).
  • Licenciado, Physics, Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Bariloche, Argentina (1991).
  • Chair of the Bariloche branch of the Argentinean Physical Society (AFA) (1994-1996)
  • Speaker for Bariloche in the national board of the Argentinean Physical Society (AFA) (1996-1997)
  • Member of the American Chemical Society (2003)
  • Member of the Material Research society (November 2002)
  • Member of the American Physical Society (March 1998)
  • Referee of the APS (since 1997) More than 10 papers a year
  • Member of the Argentinean Physical Society (AFA) (1991)

Andrew J. Williamson and Fernando A. Reboredo, “Nanostructured Materials for Hydrogen Storage.” United States Provisional Patent Application No. 60/554,034, filed March 16, 2004.