Eugene F Dumitrescu

Eugene F Dumitrescu

Postdoctoral Research Associate


My research lies at the intersection of quantum physics and information theory. Specifically, I am interested in entangled many-body quantum systems and their technological applications. This ranges broadly from the use of topologically ordered condensed matter systems as quantum memories, to the use of entangled states as ultraprecise metrological probe states. A complete and up to date list of my publications can be found at


Discrimination of correlated and entangling quantum channels with selective process tomography
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A computational workflow for designing silicon donor qubits
TS Humble, MN Ericson, J Jakowski, J Huang, C Britton, FG Curtis, ...
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Direct characterization of quantum dynamics with noisy ancilla
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Topological thermoelectric effects in spin-orbit coupled electron-and hole-doped semiconductors
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Hole-doped semiconductor nanowire on top of an S-wave superconductor: a new and experimentally accessible system for Majorana fermions
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