Professional Portrait of Dillon Cranford

Dillon P Cranford

CAD Design Engineer

Dillon Cranford is a technical assistant staff member within the Nuclear and Extreme Environment Measurement Group (NEEM) under the Fusion and Fission Energy Science Directorate (FFESD). Dillon is a proficient user of the software PTC Creo and Windchill PDMLink which he utilizes to support various projects and groups in prototyping, mechanical designing, and tolerance inspection and testing.

Dillon began his career with three years of working in the HVAC industry designing heating elements for multiple applications, prototyping, project planning and utilizing National Instruments LabView Software for testing, etc. This opportunity enabled Dillon to familiarize himself with and strengthen his skill and knowledge of PTC Creo, Windchill PDMLink, AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel.

  • Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology - Tennessee Technological University
  • Minor in Business Management - Tennessee Technological University