David McLennan

Mac A McLennan

Experimental Technologist and Automation Engineer - APPL

As a member of the Plant Systems Biology group, McLennan oversees and helps drive development of the Advanced Plant Phenotyping Laboratory collaborating as a member of a diverse team supporting a unique facility at ORNL.  McLennan manages all aspects of maintaining and modifying the phenotyping system. He also provides ecophysiological field, laboratory, & greenhouse support working on a range of projects such as: Plant Microbe Interfaces, Center for Bioenergy Innovation, ORNL SPRUCE project, Neutron Imaging at the HFIR facility, Secure Ecosystem Engineering and Design, Bio-Scales and lab directed research initiatives.

Biosciences Division Distinguished Achievement Award (2023) - Recognition of Outstanding Technical Support Contributions

[][] The Advanced Plant Phenotyping Laboratory [][]

Environmentally controlled, high throughput, non-destructive methods to explore plant traits.
Researchers interested in conducting studies at the APPL facility can contact:

Imaging Capabilities @ APPL

  • Visible RGB Camera (Morphology)
  • 2 Types of Fluorescence Camera (chlorophyll fluorescence)
  • Infrared Camera (Water Relations and Temperature)
  • Hyperspectral Camera (Stress, Physiology, & Indices)
  • Multispectral Camera (Water Content)
  • 3D Laser Scanner (Architecture)
  • Plants can be imaged at specific stages with a variety of stress inductions.
  • Plants grown in other greenhouses or growth chambers can be brought to APPL to image during the time point of interest.
  • Work with the Plant System Biology Group to enhance your research with equipment like the LiCOR 6800, the LiCOR-600, a PTR for Volatile Organic Compounds, etc.!

The Advanced Plant Phenotyping Laboratory (APPL) instrument should be credited in the body of the paper. In addition, please recognize the significant effort of the Advanced Plant Phenotyping Laboratory instrument team and/or the Plant Systems Biology Greenhouse & Growth Facility Team in planning and execution of experiments, and consider, as appropriate, co-authorship in the resulting publication. Contributions made by the staff should be considered following normal standards for recognizing collaborations in publications.  Acknowledgements, at a minimum, should be considered on publications as the support provided by our team is foundational to the science.

  • Advanced Plant Phenotyping Laboratory (APPL)
  • High Flux Isotope Reactor - Cold Neutron Imaging Beam Line CG-1D
  • Li-COR Instruments
  • PBSL-2 Conviron Growth Chambers
  • Elemental Analyzers (EA)
  • SPRUCE Whole Ecosystem Warming (WEW)
  • Automated Commercial Greenhouses (PSB)

SPRUCE Data Sets.

SPRUCE Photosynthesis and Respiration of Picea mariana and Larix laricina in SPRUCE Experimental Plots, 2016-2017


SPRUCE Photosynthesis and Respiration of Rhododendron groenlandicum and Chamaedaphne calyculata in SPRUCE Experimental Plots, 2016


SPRUCE Diurnal and Seasonal Patterns of Water Potential in S1 Bog and SPRUCE Experimental Plot Vegetation beginning in 2010