David J Wesolowski

David J Wesolowski


Dave Wesolowski received his Bachelors in Geology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1976 and Ph.D. in Geochemistry and Mineralogy from Penn State University in 1984. He joined ORNL as a Eugene P. Wigner Fellow in 1983 and spent his entire career at ORNL, currently serving as the Leader of the Geochemistry and Interfacial Sciences Group, Chemical Sciences Division, and Director of the Fluid Interface Reactions, Structures and Transport (FIRST) Energy Frontier Research Center. His interests revolve around aqueous chemistry, mineral solubilities and surface charge, and the structure and dynamics of fluids at interfaces with solid materials.


1992 ORNL Significant Event Award (SEA): Publication definitive of aluminum aqueous chemistry research.
1993 ORNL Showcase Lecture, “Fluid-Rock Interactions in the Earth’s Crust”.
1996 ORNL R&D Accomplishment Award, Aluminum geochemistry research.
2000 ORNL SEA: Funding of multi-institutional, multidisciplinary DOE/BES project “Nanoscale Complexity at the Oxide/Water Interface”.
2005 Best National Laboratory Presentation:, DOE/BES Geoscience Research Symposium on Analytical and Isotope Geochemistry, Gaithersburg, MD. June 5-6, 2005.
2009 ORNL SEA: Funding of the FIRST Energy Frontier Research Center.
2010 ORNL Incentivized Performance Award (IPA): Successful launch of FIRST Center.
2011 ORNL IPA: Excellence in managing the FIRST Center, Future vision for the core BES/Geoscience project.
2012 ORNL IPA: Excellence in managing the FIRST Center, Future vision for the core BES/Geoscience project.
2013 ORNL IPA: Development of vision and proposal for renewal of the FIRST Center.
2014 ORNL IPA: Successful renewal of the FIRST Energy Frontier Research Center.


"The Fluid Interface Reactions, Structures and Transport (FIRST) Energy Frontier Research Center” (Director, ERKCC61) funded by DOE’s Office of Basic Energy Sciences

“Atomic- to Pore-Scale Geochemical Processes” (co-PI, ERKCC72)


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US Patent #7,665,524 “Liquid Metal Heat Exchanger for Efficient Heating of Soils and Geologic Formations”, R.C. DeVault and D.J. Wesolowski.

Facilities Used

SNS/HFIR neutron scattering facility and the Advanced Light Source at Argonne National Laboratory