David Womble

David E Womble

As ORNL’s AI Program Director, David Womble oversees the laboratory's AI and machine learning strategy for high-performance computing (HPC); ensures ORNL's AI research impacts the Department of Energy's Office of Science mission; and conducts long-range program planning and project leadership.

In his more than three decades in computing, David has won two R&D100 awards and the Association for Computing Machinery’s Gordon Bell Prize, awarded each year “to recognize outstanding achievement in high-performance computing.”

Prior to joining ORNL, David spent 30 years at Sandia National Laboratories, where he served as a senior manager and program deputy for the Advanced Simulation and Computing program, which is responsible for developing and deploying modeling and simulation capabilities, including hardware and software, in support of Sandia’s nuclear weapons program.  During his tenure at Sandia, he made numerous contributions across the computing spectrum including in HPC, numerical mathematics, linear solvers, scalable algorithms, and I/O while establishing the Computer Science Research Institute and leading Sandia’s seismic imaging project in DOE’s Advanced Computational Technologies Initiative.