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David A Collins

Materials Testing and Evaluation Engineer

I am originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming. I attended the University of Wyoming where I graduated cum laude with a B. S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2013 then a M. S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 where I specialized in ultra high-strength shape memory polymers and the effects of time- and temperature-dependent relaxation on shape memory performance. My professional engineering experience continued in 2017 when I was hired at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where I began work on a variety of nuclear materials testing, including fracture toughness of aged austenitic stainless steels and tempered reduced activation ferritic-martensitic steels. I also worked in stress corrosion cracking of structural nuclear materials and processing of advanced fuel cladding materials. In 2020 I began work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where I specialized in mechanical testing of additively manufactured (AM) a.k.a. 3D-printed nuclear structural materials. Since beginning at ORNL I have continued working on fracture toughness of structural nuclear materials and have expanded my areas of specialty to include development and evaluation of extremely small specimens for structural nuclear and AM testing applications and fatigue testing, specifically fatigue testing of refractory metals for nuclear applications. I have also expanded and continue to expand nuclear materials testing capabilities at the lab via specification and acquisition of specialty test systems as well as design and ongoing refinement of test methodology and fixturing.